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On your gemel! Get set! Go!

EXPERIENCE – Formula 1 is coming to the Jungfrau Region.
It looks great, is low-slung and the silver rims of its three wheels are glimmering in the sun. The summer «gemel» (sledge-bike on wheels). And best of all: steered using weight, the Ferrari of the Alps rides just like on runners. 30 of them are waiting on Männlichen to be taken out for a spin through fields and forests, over bridges, over stones and asphalt, and all of that in front of the Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau! So, leather jacket and helmet on, Formula 1 gloves in reaching distance and off we race.

The calm before the storm – or the race: we enjoy our last few relaxed breaths and mentally prepare ourselves for the racetrack.


Even the cow pat tanks energy and chills a little at the foot of the Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau.


Mr. suit is not at all nervous. He just tans himself in the boiling hot sun – for a little too long, which can noticeably be seen.


The eagle waits excitedly at the starting line and looks forward to watching the action from the Bernese Oberland airspace.

Andreas Caluori,
on the summer gemel

«It's not just the visitors seeking adventure in the mountains who profit from the summer gemel, but also trains and restaurants in the region. And the existing infrastructure from winter tourism can also be used in summer. There are only winners in this story.»»

The last security check

Helmet – check, gloves – check, armguards – check, three wheels – check, bell and brakes – check. Safety one-hundred percent guaranteed!

Starting line. On your marks

Heart is pumping. Adrenalin. The spectators are excited and we're fully concentrated. To be honest, the cows seem to be disinterested. The starting flag waves in the wind: three, two, one. The flag is dropped. The starting signal sounds. We're off.

«Gemeling» down the mountain with Swiss high-tech equipment.

The race is in progress. The speed is increased. Breathing is overrated. The view is secondary. Soon it becomes evident which of us can use our weight properly


Keep the elbows stretched out nicely – that gets rid of the cows and opponents most effectively. But we stay fair. At the end of the day we are all fair players!

kilometres long is the length of the racetrack between Männlichen and the Holenstein intermediate station. You can travel back in comfort with the cable car.
Person mit Gemel

One of the participants drops out of the race after the starting signal sounds. He's sitting backwards on the gemel.

Gemeln neben Kuh

Anyway, we're pursuing our goal. We don't allow ourselves to be distracted by grazing cows, or smoking gemels on the roadside. We're focussed and concentrated.


Another driver loses control in the third curve. Well, he's out of it – in other words, out(side) of the racetrack limits. Or are those just the smoke signals from the locals?

It's not just the gemel on the racetrack. There's much to be admired.

A light curve to the right, lean to the right. A long curve to the left, put your weight on the left side. Low-lying branch ahead, still 50 metres to go, ten, two, duck!, it worked out, no scrapes. A straight, steep stretch now, swarm of mozzies up ahead, eyes closed and in we go. Oops, eyes were closed, mouth wasn't. Swallow once, twice, on third try it's possible to breath again. Further, quicker, right, left, the finish line is visible, hands off the brakes, smile, and race over the finish line with a whoop. Happiness, cheering, yelling, freedom!


Look. Selfie. Smile please...

Kurt am Fliegen

At the finish area, the party kicks off. Spirits are high as we arrive. The result is a joint leap in the air, the likes of which the world has never seen.

A royal moment

The crown at the end of the royal walk has been waiting to find its king for a long time. And finally: we've reached the top. At the end of the path, the crown is lifted from the ground and put on the head of the winner.

After the ceremony on the royal walk the aperitif is waiting – on a huge cow.

She's called Lieselotte. On her, we forget the competition, we're as one. We've earned it, too. After a race like that, we have to fill our energy reserves again.
But it's not so easy to concentrate on the aperitif with a view like this.


A cow does about ten cow pats a day on average, which makes 3,650 per year. Lieselotte doesn't produce any excrement (aka cow dung). Her cow pats are more like trampolines. What fun. Perfect for a victory party.

tons of concrete make up the foundation of the giant cow. On the 8.5-metre-high and 13-metre-long wood and steel construction, there's an additional viewing platform.

A final glance back

The race is over. The summer gemels are washed and stored away in the garage for the night. Our gazes wander one last time from Männlichen into the distance before we take the cable car back to Wengen. What remains is the memory.

Additional information

!!! Summer sledding will not be available during the 2021 summer season !!!


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Photos: Jungfrau Region
Story: André Wellig; Svenja Krummenacher
Summer 2017


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