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Jungfrau Marathon

EXPERIENCE – Every year we accompany runners before, during and after the Jungfrau Marathon.
Jungfrau Region
Jungfrau Marathon

Excitement and respect

For the 2023 edition of the Jungfrau Marathon, we accompany Sarah and Reto before, during and after the most beautiful marathon in the world. The two are venturing the 42.195 kilometres and 1953 metres of altitude for the first time.

Reto and Sarah in Portrait in Wengen.
Sarah in Portrait in front of the Lauterbrunnen Valley.
Reto in Portrait.

A stubborn runner

Sarah (34) lives in Aarberg. She is married to Reto. The mother of two children will be studying conservation and restoration at the HKB in Bümpliz from September. In her free time she likes to play volleyball in the club. Find out how she got into running, why she competes in the Jungfrau Marathon, how often she trains and much more in the video.

"Respect for the last section"

Reto (34) lives in Aarberg. He is married to Sarah. The father of two children works as a data scientist. He trains in the gymnastics club, is in a running group and, as a passionate paraglider pilot, enjoys frequent trips to the mountains. Find out how he got into running, which marathons he has already competed in, why he once started with two left socks, what the consequences were and much more in the video.

The day has come

The race is about to start. We accompany Sarah and Reto as they run in. Only minutes to go until the start on the Höhenmatte in Interlaken. In the video, the two talk about how they feel shortly before their Jungfrau Marathon premiere.

They made it!

Sarah and Reto have reached the finish of the Jungfrau Marathon on the Eiger Glacier. Find out how they fared on the way and what they said after the run in the video.

Jungfrau Marathon

His first marathon

Lukas has run many races, but never a marathon. For his premiere, he's venturing straight into the Jungfrau Marathon in 2022. We accompanied the 37-year-old from Winterthur.

Lukas auf der Zielgerade.

"I'm looking forward to the finish"

Find out why Lukas is taking part in the Jungfrau Marathon, how he is preparing for "the most beautiful course in the world", what he is looking forward to the most and much more in the video.

Reached the goal

He did it! Lukas can call himself a Jungfrau Marathon finisher. He has successfully completed the 42.195 km. We accompanied him on the journey and on the way with our camera team. And of course we welcomed him at the finish line.