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Yeti's Alpine cabins: «digital detox» all-inclusive.

EXPERIENCE – Be offline through the eyes of a digi-freak.
The Yeti cabins are all characterised by the surrounding nature and are completely without digital connection. When we check in here, we make a conscious choice to log out of all networks. Terms like friends, connections, recharging, evaluate and restart find a completely new meaning. The transformation to digital nomad begins.

With this view, the computer-generated, interactive virtual surroundings are quickly forgotten.

Still quite clumsy, we feel our way outside. Without our virtual reality glasses. Strange, not looking at a screen. The worlds in front of this door are not just virtual, but completely actual. Fascinating. It doesn't matter how we look, with one or both eyes, the landscape is fully responsive. VR glasses are definitely superfluous here.

A new friend request

We get up here in the mornings and see which of our friends are online. Just walk out of the cabin and sit on the bench – and just see who's around.

of our friends are already online – when we wake up up here in the cabin and step out of the door, we'll soon notice that we're not so completely alone.

The connection with the «web» is stable. But I still haven't had any friend requests. Well, someone is sure to fly by.


Oh no, much too early. I'll hit the sack again. Offline again.


Morning, I've already tweeted something. The retweets are a bit modest though. Bunch of sleepyheads.


Hey, already awake too? I'm already active on my «platform».


In our «network» we just feel good.

Beat «Yeti» Hutmacher,
on his cabins

«I'd like to offer the Alpine cabins to guests from all over the world, so that they can come here and just enjoy the natural surroundings.»

A hacker attack is definitely necessary up here. Otherwise it'll be a bit cold during the night.

We can only «hack up» the wood in front of the cabin up here. We feel really alive again. After the work's done, the counting begins. Ten. Phew. All fingers in the right place.

We're being observed and «tracked». Stay calm. We carry on with the hacker attack on the wood anyway.

The attack was worth it. The wood was hacked up. Clever eyes are still resting on us. A fire offers protection and warmth. Goose bumps. The observers come closer and reveal themselves. Even users of Chrome have to admit: This fox is sooo cuddly. We just have to make sure that the «fox» doesn't catch «fire».

It's not just the warmth of the fire that we can «share» at the Alpine cabin.

«Sharing» is easier than splitting. And we don't need an axe. There are events and festivals for this – called «Chästeilet» (cheese sharing) by the locals.

Obviously the «angry birds» seem to have a sort of origin here in the countryside.

The goldfinch is still a little clumsy as we try to motivate him with the usual gestures. With these wild gestures we have to take care that the «bird» doesn't suddenly get «angry».

«livestreams» are active in Lauterbrunnental alone. The most well-known is the Staubbachfall. By the way: we can watch these «streams» legally and free of charge.
Hütte mit Wasserfall

A «livestream» can be found directly next to our Yeti chalet. This gives the Alpine cabin its name.


The «stream» seems not to stall even without internet connection. And on top of that, it's fun.

Beat «Yeti» Hutmacher,
theme for the Alpine cabin experience

«Everything you need – nothing you always wanted to do without.»

There's no wireless network router here. But there's a real «firewall».


The perfect location to switch to «offline mode». Or at least to «standby» quickly during the day. And yes, the sledges have to stay inside in the winter...


The mounting is older than every operating system – but nothing can «crash» here.


Which «blue screen» is better for us? We can definitely only get Vitamin D from one of them...


The Schreckhorn is connected with the «cloud» at the moment. Let's not disturb this intimate exchange.

Shut down and new start

Just pull the plug out. Black. That's how we felt at the beginning. Empty. But shutting down does us good. We guarantee we'll like this experience and post pictures of our stay. Of course we'll do this at home via social media with our smartphone. It's best that way.


Our system is being newly started.

The new start was successful. This experience will appear in top position in our rating.

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Photos: Jungfrau Region, Beat Hutmacher
Story: André Wellig
Summer 2017


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